About us

Our Mission

Lahtt Sauce was inspired by our father who was the head chef of several Chinese restaurants (founded by our grandfather) in the South Bay. Our father has the unique ability of using simple ingredients and bringing out the boldest flavors. Now, we're on a mission to share this family recipe and offer you the same: a health-conscious, authentic, and savory eating experience we can all love and enjoy.

Who We Are

Founded in 2015, we are a premium chili oil sauce manufacturer headquartered in Southern California. Starting with our signature line of Lahtt Sauce, we’ve introduced a health-conscious, authentic, and modern approach to easy Asian eating. Our convenient, ready-to-eat chili oil sauce is made with only simple ingredients, ensuring you get a bold taste in every bite.

Our Core Values

We strive to adhere to our core values and continue to build our family business in integrity, responsibility, and passion.


We uphold ourselves to the highest standards from recipe development, careful and sustainable sourcing, and work with preferred vendors who share a similar mission with ours of providing high quality food to your table.


Our responsibility to you is to ensure that we provide the highest quality product available in the market for you and your family. We care about environmental sustainability and about the impact we make on this world.


Sure, our multi-step cooking process ensures that we bring out the boldest, most elevated flavor of each ingredient. But more importantly, we aim to create product you and your family will love. We place great efforts in ensuring that our product will set the standard for good, clean & healthy food.


Our Story

Growing up, I always enjoyed my dad’s cooking. He was relentless in creating innovative foods for the kitchen table, and I was always excited to find out what he would be cooking next. We'd have savory curry-steamed King Crab legs one day, and spicy braised lamb in a clay pot the next. With over 25 years of restaurant experience, my dad is the culinary mastermind behind LAHTT SAUCE.

Around 8 years ago, my dad created his first ever batch of this chili oil sauce. I remember walking into the kitchen that day and the mouthwatering aromas filled up our entire house. Using only a wok, he mixed ingredients such as chili peppers, black beans, dried shrimp, ginger, and garlic, to create a chili oil sauce to top off a classic noodle soup. To this day, I remember the experience of eating that meal. I remember the unique, savory, and authentic Asian flavor packed with just the right amount of spice while slurping down the entire bowl of noodles. It was one of the most satisfying and nostalgic meals I have shared with my family.

Since then, he has continued to make batches of the sauce for us to pack and easily spice up our dishes wherever we are. After years of perfecting this recipe, we now have what we call LAHTT SAUCE. ("LAHTT" is Cantonese for HOT)

I use LAHTT SAUCE as a condiment for noodles, fried rice and dumplings; as a stir-fry for veggies, green beans, bok choy; and as a marinade for fish, chicken, and spareribs. It’s versatility, convenience, and authentic taste allows me to taste my dad’s cooking wherever I am.

LAHTT SAUCE is a little piece of home away from home. It's an instant memory of my family's dining table, and it's a reminder of what the right combination of simple ingredients can do.

Thanks, Dad.


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