Lahtt Chili Oil Sauce


By M. Hill

I tried this vegan medium-heat chili sauce in a salmon stir-fry but before cooking with it tasted it alone and it is delicious. The flavor is complex with a large group of components starting with non-GMO canola oil and soy sauce. The ingredients are blended skillfully to create a well-balanced sauce that should be flexible enough to use when cooking a range of dishes. The company mentions using it as a dipping sauce which I can envision would be delicious with, for example, tempura shrimp and veggies, etc.

A serving size is one tablespoon which is what I used in the stir-fry I prepared. That tablespoon contains 60 calories, 8 grams of fat (1 saturated), 1 gram protein and sugar along with 230mg of sodium which is 10 percent of daily value. For people with sensitivities and avoiding the product, the sauce does contain soy. The oil floats on top so stir well before using. Moderate heat creates a little buzz in the mouth that dissipates reasonably quickly. Overall excellent tasting sauce.

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Lahtt of great Flavor


By Joanna D.

Delish. This is a mix of fermented black beans, a very savory ingredient in many Chinese dishes, and chil oil sauce. The fragrance is rich and deep, with that "umami" or savory meaty flavor from the fermented beans. Vegan, though. No meat or animal products in this sauce.

Two ways I tried it:

1. Stirred into the soy sauce, sesame oil and vinegar dumpling sauce I usually make for Chinese potstickers. Just a quarter tsp. in my usual 1/2 cup of sauce. Great dimension and flavor. I normally would add chil oil but this is far better.

2. In "Mapo Tofu"--cubes of tofu with or without ground beef, chili sauce. If not using meat, chop up soaked shiitake mushrooms to make the meat element of the sauce. It's basically just sauteed mushrooms, add a touch of the soaking water and some of the Lahtt sauce, and maybe a drop of toasted sesame oil. Add in the tofu, heat through and coat well with the sauce. Top with chopped scallions. Really good on cold days.

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By J. Tant

Delicious. Just that.

I can't say enough good about this sauce. It's just fantastic. It isn't raw heat like a regular chili oil is. The ad copy says there is depth here, and they aren't kidding. You get a bit of the fermented taste (from the beans), but it is really balanced with the bacon and shrimp. There is heat here, but it's more...layered, I guess. It's not something that hits you right up front, but is rather a bit soft and gentle. Not so gentle that the heat is obscured, definitely. I guess the best way I can put it is that this sauce is a great example of yin/yang balance. No one element dominates, but each makes its presence known and complements the whole. This will sound sappy, but it's kind of like a can pick out the individual parts if you listen, but the whole is so much more than the parts.

So it is with this sauce. And because of that balance, it works with darned near everything. A dipping sauce for potstickers...yeah. A stir fry sauce for crispy beef....yeah. A topping for sticky rice...yeah. But more than that...putting an asian twang on things. Street tacos? Use this to give the meat a bit of kick for instance.

Again - this sauce is outstanding. It's interesting, made very well, and something that has a lot of versatility and potential. A great sauce.

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Tasty and full of flavor


By Becky (in Nola)

This is an excellent tasting pick me up for food. It has heat but isn't overwhelming, and i so full of flavor. I put some under chicken thigh skins and baked them, then mixed some in hot rice, for a great meal. Leftover rice and eggs with a little dabbed in was delicious. This can be thinly spread over a wrap to give an asian flair to simple ingredients. While this looks like small jar it is so packed with flavor that you don't need much. It's also good to wake up a bowl of ramen. Delicious.

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Highly flavorful sauce-an explosion of umami in a jar.


By Curious Epicure

Lunch: Leftover turkey sandwich with avocado. Perfectly good, but nothing terribly special.
Add: This Chili Oil Sauce. Oh, my! Oh, my! It's not the same old turkey sandwich any more!

This is a really delicious, deeply flavored sauce. If you like umami flavors, this sauce is an absolute umami bomb, what with ingredients like fermented black bean, dried garlic, tomato paste, soy sauce, dried shrimp and bacon.

There's enough heat to make just about anything you put it on interesting without obliterating your taste buds. I don't really enjoy eating super hot or spicy food, but I don't mind a little bit of heat. To me, this has the right amount of heat for a perfect balance with the other flavors.

This sauce really perked up my scrambled eggs as well. This is not a sauce for which you will need any elaborate recipes to make use of, although there are a couple of recipes on the company's website. This is a sauce to use as a condiment. As soon as I opened the jar and tasted it, I kept thinking of one thing after another that it would be great on.

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Love it!


By Jeff Kraus

I've never had anything quite like this sauce, but it's really delicious. No real sweetness to it, more salty and savory with a little kick of heat that builds slowly. Works great on its own or as one component of an excellent dumpling sauce, but I'll admit that there have been times where I went at the jar with nothing more than a bag of tortilla chips. Does that make me weird? Don't answer that.

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Delicious cantonese stir fry sauce, its definitely “Lahtt” (Spicy In Cantonese!)


By KttyKat16

Being born into a Cantonese family has its perks - particularly when it comes to food. Food is not just to sustain a person, but something that brings a whole family together. As many Asian kids know, one of the first things an Asian parent will ask their kid is "are you eating enough??!", followed by giving you a ton of food then not so subtly telling you that you've been gaining some weight. It's a vicious cycle. While I love eating Chinese food, I do realize that getting that balance and layering of flavors can be tricky. Lahtt Sauce is a quick and convenient way to getting that perfect Cantonese stir fry flavor without having to mess with bottles of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and other various Chinese ingredients.

The medium spice sauce leaned more towards the mild end of spicy. I generally don't eat a lot of spicy foods and the kids don't usually eat spicy at all, but everyone was able to eat the sauce when stir fried with chicken and various vegetables. The flavor has elements of the fermented black bean sauce and has a very light sweetness to it. The sauce is truly an "all in one" type sauce, as I found I didn't have to add any other sauces to boost the flavor. It was lightly salty and added a really tasty flavor to the entire dish. This sauce also worked very well as a stand alone dipping sauce for won ton and potstickers. This sauce does need to be refrigerated after opening, so save a space in the fridge for this stuff!

Overall, this is a really tasty sauce to use with stir frys, tofu, meats, and dumplings. As an added bonus, "lahtt" means "hot/spicy" in Cantonese, so you're literally using "hot sauce" when you use this stuff. I definitely will be purchasing this when I'm done with the bottle.

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Great flavor and easy to use


By PT Cruiser

This Lahtt sauce is great for stir frys or to season just about any dish you can come up with and gives it kind of an Asian flavor. It’s quite spicy, which I like. The flavors are mainly chili but complex and interesting. Yesterday I made a rice and lentil dish, very simple and used this sauce to season it. It turned out quite well. I tasted like I’d spent a lot of time making it, when all I had to do as mix in a couple tablespoons of this, right from the jar. It made a simple dish a little exotic and certainly very appealing. I added this after cooking the lentils and rice. This is also good with rice noodles or whole wheat noodles. Its flavor is strong enough to stand up to the whole grain pasta.

I’ve used this as kind of a rub/marinade for boneless and skinless chicken thighs. It gave the chicken an excellent flavor. I put it on a couple hours before cooking and then put them in our Instant Pot, sauce and all. Everyone loved the flavor.

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Simplifies Home cooking!


By Daba

Since I've gone Gluten Free, I've had to reinvent many of my recipes. In the past, I would buy spice packets and mix with meat/poultry for my meals. But so many of those packets have wheat products. So I had to change up my normal cooking regimen. I started using cookbooks and online recipes and so many of the Asian recipes required so many ingredients, I would skip over them.

Then I found this sauce. It's perfect! Add it as a marinade! Use it to add flavor to your fried veggies! Add it to your chicken! Or brown your salmon!

Great flavor! Easy cooking!

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Two delicious asian-inspired chili sauces


By Robert C.

About five months ago, I was offered two free jars of Lahtt Sauce All-Purpose Chili Oil Sauce for review via the Amazon Vine Program, and I accepted. One jar of the original bacon and shrimp (red label) and the other, the vegan with shiitake mushrooms (green label).

Like yourself, over the course of my life, I've found that I enjoy certain foods and flavors. One element in many foods is a level of spice or heat. To that end, I've been a regular fan of Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and Huy Fong Sambal Oelek Ground Chili Paste, among various other chili-based hot sauces. I've used them to add a little extra flavor to otherwise ordinary foods, as well as use as an ingredient in various sauces. I'm not talking about drowning foods in them, just adding enough to get a sense of the flavors. I would also say that I really enjoy Asian foods and flavors, among many others.

Enter the original bacon and shrimp (red label) Lahtt Sauce. It has a wonderful, complex savory flavor that can be enjoyed as a solo sauce or as an addition to other foods. Over the five months I've had this jar for review, I've used it with everything from pot-stickers to dumplings to chicken to meat loaf and even soups. It has what I would consider to be a mild heat factor - heat is definitely present, but is in no way overwhelming or even the focus. It's not a sweet sauce, though there is some sweetness to it. I would have to say that there is mostly a savory interaction of the bacon and shrimp flavors, though again, not any single flavor is promient! This sauce has a very complex flavor! And I like it a lot!

I also received a jar of the Vegan (green label) Lahtt Sauce. It too, has a complex flavor that can be used as a solo sauce with various foods or to add a bit of heat and complexity to other foods and sauces. I found the vegan version to be similar in flavor to the original, not exactly the same, but similar. It too balances savory, with a very mild underlying sweetness and mild heat.

Of the two varieties, I prefer the original (red label). For me it's just a bit more complex and works better with my flavor palette. But both sauces have now found a home in my refrigerator.

- Amazon Top 500 Reviewer