AMAZON Review #1

Lunch: Leftover turkey sandwich with avocado. Perfectly good, but nothing terribly special.
Add: This Chili Oil Sauce. Oh, my! Oh, my! It's not the same old turkey sandwich any more!

This is a really delicious, deeply flavored sauce. If you like umami flavors, this sauce is an absolute umami bomb, what with ingredients like fermented black bean, dried garlic, tomato paste, soy sauce, dried shrimp and bacon.

There's enough heat to make just about anything you put it on interesting without obliterating your taste buds. I don't really enjoy eating super hot or spicy food, but I don't mind a little bit of heat. To me, this has the right amount of heat for a perfect balance with the other flavors.

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Lahtt Sauce All-Purpose Chili Oil Sauce (Vegan, Medium Heat) and (Original, Medium Heat) are both is a great all-in-one sauces that you can use for just about anything where you want to add some spice and flavor in just on step. This sauce is different than most others because it is a complete product that doesn't need any other additions to make it taste great. Lahtt Sauce All-Purpose Chili Oil Sauce has chili, ginger, soy, oil and other flavors so all you have to do is add some to your favorite dish for an authentic oriental taste. For example, try steaming some broccoli and simply adding either the Vegan or Original Lahtt Sauce to taste. It's that easy!

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This Lahtt sauce is great for stir frys or to season just about any dish you can come up with and gives it kind of an Asian flavor. It’s quite spicy, which I like. The flavors are mainly chili but complex and interesting. Yesterday I made a rice and lentil dish, very simple and used this sauce to season it. It turned out quite well. I tasted like I’d spent a lot of time making it, when all I had to do as mix in a couple tablespoons of this, right from the jar. It made a simple dish a little exotic and certainly very appealing. I added this after cooking the lentils and rice. This is also good with rice noodles or whole wheat noodles. Its flavor is strong enough to stand up to the whole grain pasta.

I’ve used this as kind of a rub/marinade for boneless and skinless chicken thighs. It gave the chicken an excellent flavor. I put it on a couple hours before cooking and then put them in our Instant Pot, sauce and all. Everyone loved the flavor.

-Amazon Top 500 Reviewer